Tori C.

Class of 2015

“I truly enjoyed every part of my high school experience at St. B, from the sports teams, to school trips to extracurricular clubs, it is something I will never forget. St. B. also gave me a strong academic foundation for University as well as some amazing friends who have been my support system throughout high school and into University.”  

Monica C.

Class of 2014

“I miss St. B. like crazy…it truly feels like just yesterday I was walking those hallways.  I am currently busy with my studies but am loving every second of it.  Thank you for the amazing years at St. Boniface." 

M. Marinelli

Class of 2005

"St. B. prepares students to be responsible, respectful and hardworking individuals with real world skills and a passion for helping others.   No matter how long you've been away - you walk through the doors and you feel like you've come home."

P. Cabral

SBDHS Parent

"SBDHS is a hidden gem in the heart of St. Boniface.  I leave my child at school every day knowing that he is getting the highest standard of education, the best care, and knowledge of our Catholic faith from an amazing and dedicated staff. .....Truly an amazing school!"

J. Sarmiento

Class of 2015

"St. B. provided me with 4 years of amazing memories! Being involved in the school community and in St. B athletics made my high school experience better than I could have ever imagined!   I am so thankful for the experiences, opportunities and fun that St. B provided me with, making me the person I am today!"

K. LaFleche

SBDHS Parent

"Our son attended SBDHS for Grades 9-12.   The administration, staff and school community encouraged and instilled strong core values in him that he will carry with him throughout his lifetime. As an active member of the Parents’ Guild executive I was able to witness the positive impact this school has on the future of our children."

H. Kolowca

SBDHS Parent

"SBDHS is so much more than just a high school. It is a group of individuals who come together as a community: students, parents, teachers and staff provide an environment for students where they can thrive and then strive to find their place in the world."