Welcome Home!

by: Katelyn Lloyd, SBDHS Student Government Prime Minister

This year’s Welcome Home day was a success! What a great start to the school year. With only a half a day, we packed in lots of fun.

Special guests judges DJ Blitz and Mrs. Ste. Marie joined us for the afternoon. We started off the day with each TA presenting their cheers and their flags!

First place in TA cheer was  TA 35, then followed by TA 36 and TA 7.

TA 7 - Mr. Richardson - Guardians of the Galaxy

TA 35 - Mr. Lisowski - The Avengers

TA 36 - Mr. Grossman - Justice League

Top flags were TA 23, TA 20, and TA 7:

TA 23 - Green Lantern | TA 20 - Teen Titans GO! | TA 7 - Guardians of the Galaxy

After we addressed points for best entrance, which was TA 8 (grade 11) and best dressed was Tom S. for TA 36 (grade 12), we played several activities which included Face the Cookie Relay, a cup Stacking Pyramid, a hula hoop competition, and several different versions of Solo cup competitions! 

Overall, we had a great time. We hope everyone had fun! 

Photos by: SBDHS Yearbook Class & Ms. Lafantaisie