THINKfast 2020 Wrap Up!

THINKfast is an interactive learning experience designed for youth. Schools can choose from a collection of activities and reflections that will help them experience the challenges of poverty and injustice in concrete ways.

SBDHS held our THINKfast event last month. We had different student and teacher led activities such as a cookie mining experiment, a garbage sort (very eye-opening), and even some arts and drama activities that related back to poverty and injustice issues. The evening concluded with a feast provided and prepared by the staff and students. Truly, a community effort!

We asked the students to share with us their experiences and thoughts on THINKfast and we received some great responses.

We want to thank everyone involved in this year's event - your hard work is much appreciated and we could not do it without you. Thank you.

You can also read up on THINKfast on their website!

"This year, over 20 students at St. Boniface Diocesan High School participated in Thinkfast on February 12 &13. At a Thinkfast, participants fast for 25 hours while still carrying on their normal day-to-day activities. Yes, it was a challenge, but it was totally worth it! After school, we gathered as a group to participate in an evening of activities that “fed” our knowledge about global issues. At 10:00 pm we broke the fast with a “feast”.

One activity that made a huge impact on us was the challenge to rummage through the school’s garbage bags. We were shocked at the amount of food that went to waste. Examples included an uneaten McChicken burger, many half-eaten sandwiches and fruit that was still untouched. All of us were shocked to see how we take our food for granted and how we are so careless with what we have been given. A big thank you to all those who organized Thinkfast, especially the representatives of Development and Peace who joined us. Everyone did a wonderful job bringing current issues to our attention and by enlightening us in ways that we can start to make meaningful changes in our communities and in the world."

"It was my first time participating in THINKfast, and I can say it was a great experience and opened my eyes to many environmental issues. The hardest part for me was the fasting part. Some points of the day were harder than others, especially at lunch when I was the hungriest, but the fact that I was doing THINKfast with my friends and not alone was very helpful because we were able to all encourage each other.

My favourite part about this experience was how much I learned about environmental issues through the various activities I participated in. The activity that impacted me the most was where we had to actually dig through the trash at our school and pick out all the items that could have been recycled or composted. It was very surprising to see how much we throw away that could be recycled but instead is just wasted. It was also shocking to see the amount of perfectly good food that was thrown away.

We also did an activity where in groups we took an hour to create a city out of recycling. Then we went to another group’s city and destroyed it in around 10 seconds. This activity showed how fast different places can be destroyed due to things such as mining companies or any other corporations that extract resources from the land. After each activity we did we would talk about how it relates to the real world and different ways to help fix these issues.

Once the day is done the moment everyone is waiting for arrives which is when all of us share a meal together, but before we went to eat we all gathered in the chapel to talk about the day and pray. We all enjoyed a great meal and got to just spend time with one another and talk about the day and what we learned and experienced. Overall it was an experience that really inspired me and got me thinking about our environment and how we need to protect it, and I would definitely take part in it again and highly recommend others to participate as well."