SBDHS Alumni - George LaFleche ('16)

Graduated from SBDHS in 2016!

Favourite moment at SBDHS

It’s hard to pick a favourite memory from high school. There was the Europe trip where Mr. Scott “misplaced” me, the ski trips, canoe trip, and even the day to day little memories. But the one thing that’ll stick with me was playing in front of the school in grade 12. I was probably the worst player on our basketball team but the cheer I got when I checked into the game is a feeling I’ll never forget.

After 4 years you really build relationships with everyone. I’m still in contact with some of my teachers and even though I don’t see most of them I can still remember a couple memories with every one of my classmates.

Best advice for a new student

My best advice for a new student would be to try new things. Join a club or a team and get yourself involved. High school seems like a bore at the time but once you leave you realize all the opportunities you may have missed. So try something to get yourself out of your comfort zone.

University Destination and Program

Since graduating from SBDHS I have been studying sports management at the University of Winnipeg. I also work at a local grocery store near the school!