Geo Science Inquiry Projects!

Last week, our Grade 10 students enrolled in Geography 20F and Science 20F examined contemporary issues facing humanity from the geography and science perspectives. Students worked collaboratively in groups to outline the issues and address them with possible solutions. The aim of this project was to provide students with a high-quality learning experience where they critically examine contemporary issues.

Mrs. Bohncke and Mr. Richardson prepared the students with workshops and work periods to prepare for their presentations.

Presentations took place the week of November 12 for 4 days in our School's library. Students presented to their peers, teachers and an esteemed panel of judges.

We'd like to thank each member of the panel for taking the time to join us!

Susan Kasian (Manitoba Envirothon)

Lea Cote (Green Action Centre & a SBDHS Alumni! Class of 2006)

Adam Moore (Manitoba Hydro)

Janelle Delorme (Development and Peace)

Sheldon Parrera (Environment & Geoscience, SNC Lavalin)

Linda Conner (Social Studies Consultant, Manitoba Education and Training)

Michelene Beniger (Science Consultant, Manitoba Education and Training)

Byrnes Benoit (Manitoba Envirothon & a SBDHS Alumni! Class of 1972)

A big WELL DONE! to all students and teachers involved in this very important project.


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