El Salvador Mission Trip

After nearly 7 months of planning, fundraising, preparing and packing, 7 of our students left Winnipeg today for a mission trip to El Salvador. They weren’t alone, though. They join students from St. Paul’s High school (in Winnipeg) and students from St. Bonaventure College (in Newfoundland).

Instead of spending their Spring Break sleeping in and playing video games, they chose to travel to a poverty-stricken country to assist the small community of El Faro with repairing and rebuilding a road that leads to their school. It will be hot, the work will be hard, not to mention that it will take them 2 hours to travel into and out of this village. This says a lot about the integrity and faith of these students.

This is a trip of a lifetime, one that our students will be forever changed by. We look forward to hearing about their experiences when they return.


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