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St. Boniface Diocesan High School was established in 1965 to provide Catholic high school education to English speaking students of the Diocese of St. Boniface. As a “Diocesan” high school, it is operated under direct administration of the Archbishop. 


Everything You Need To Know

Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

We encourage you to monitor the following sites for the most accurate and up-to-date information:

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Manitoba Health,Seniors and Active Living

Public Health Agency of Canada

World Health Organization

You can also subscribe to news releases from the Manitoba government here

As a precaution, here are some ways to stop the spread of germs and reduce the risk of infection:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow

  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if handwashing with soap is not possible

  • If you feel ill, stay home

In following the chief public health officer’s recommendations, our school building is currently closed to the public. Information regarding options for students or families to pick up personal items from our school will be shared as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we all do our best to keep everyone safe.


Learning Continues

While the school remains closed to students, learning will continue. Students will learn at home with teacher direction and support, and with parents/caregivers supporting a learning at home environment. We recognize that this is a challenging time for students, families and educators. It requires compassion, flexibility and a different approach to teaching and learning. Each student and family has unique needs and circumstances. Teachers will be flexible in their planning for learning at home and will keep in mind the mental health and well-being of all.


1. No student will be held back due to COVID-19 pandemic. All students on track to graduate will graduate.

2.  Learning and assessment will continue for all Manitoba students, with outreach for students at-risk. Teachers will continue to support learning. All students will receive a final grade and report card in June.

3.  The Grade 12 provincial assessments scheduled for May/June 2020 are cancelled.


Learning Expectations

Teachers will continue to direct the learning. At-home learning will be facilitated by teachers who will support their students via online platforms and print-based materials, with outreach for students who are at-risk.

1.  Students are expected to continue learning and complete assigned work.

2.  Regular personal connections will be made with students and families via phone, email, or other resources.

3.  Final exams for our grades 9-12 will be cancelled, however learning and assessment will continue.

4.  All students who were on track to complete course credits will receive, at minimum, the grade they had achieved at the time of the suspension of classes. If the student was not meeting the course requirements at time of class suspension, this is the opportunity to only increase the mark as it will not decrease.


Roles and Responsibilities for Parents

1.  Support the teacher to ensure that learning continues.

2.  Encourage students to continue their school learning plans at home.

3.  Look for opportunities to promote learning within the context of daily life.

4.  Maintain ongoing communication with teachers.


Roles and Responsibilities for Students

1. Establish daily routines for engaging in learning experiences.

2. Actively participate in learning and complete assigned work. Reflect on progress, set goals for learning and identify next steps.

3. Talk to parents and teachers about any concerns or difficulties.


SBDHS’ Digital Learning Protocol, please review this communication with your son(s)/daughter(s).


During this time, we hear so many negative comments and social media is consuming some of our students’ and families’ lives. I want to remind us that we are in Holy Week and need to be mindful of God’s love. We have Easter right around the corner and want to wish you all a wonderful holiday. This year will not be the year for big family gatherings around the table to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus but it might be a time to sit with our immediate family within our household and be thankful for our health and well-being.

The province is providing a supplemental online resource for Manitoba families whose children are learning at home during the suspension of in-school classes because of COVID-19.


The web portal, My Learning at Home is live, providing a comprehensive resource to assist families in supporting the work of teachers as they continue to educate students.


This is a tool to supplement learning, but not to replace the work that teachers are continuing to do remotely during this public health emergency. Teachers remain the primary guide in helping students learn and meet curriculum expectations.


The My Learning at Home portal can be found at:

If you have any questions concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Grade 9 Registration Information

The 2020-2021 Course Registration form is here

In addition the Course Handbook and options available are linked here.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. 

Now accepting applications for grades 9-12.

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